Group Volunteer Application

Requirements for Volunteer Groups at The Banquet:

  • Number of Volunteers required:

    • Lunch (Saturday & Sunday) - 10 volunteers

    • Dinner (Tuesdays) - 10 volunteers

    • Dinner (Thursdays)-30 volunteers

In the event your group is unable to provide the required number of volunteers, it may be possible to fill the missing spots with individual volunteers from our Angels List.

  • Working with our sponsors we will put together a meal that is both nutritious and delicious!

    • Protein, starch, vegetable, fruit, and bread.

(Full list of items will be provided and discussed by The Banquet's Staff)



The information above is a starting point for what is needed to provide a meal to the community. We will do everything we can to help supplement any shortcomings that your group may have. Fill out the form below to the best of your ability. We will contact you as soon as possible, and discuss the best fit for your group!


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